Frequently Asked Questions

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YES! They are 100% recylable.

Yes! Our yoga mats are made from eco-friendly natural rubber.

All of our yoga mats comes with a 1 year warranty. We understand for yoga and fitness enthusiasts, you will use your item often and in multiple environments. We designed them of high quality material and tested them on various surfaces. Each item has been inspected to ensure you receive the very best.

Because all of our products will have wear and tear cosmetically, we don't cover normal wear and tear. However, we promise your yoga mat won't fall apart due to poor design or manufacturing. If it does, we'll replace it up to 367 days from the date of your purchase.

Great question! Each product comes with a warranty thank you card with a QR code. Scan it and it will take you to the registration page at

Great question! Our yoga mats are designed to be super absorbant to ensure maximum grip and stability. This can pose a problem when cleaning because the mat will absorb the solution. Lucky for you we created a mat freshener made with alcohol-free witch hazel and essential oils to keep your mat fresh and clean between workouts. Simply lay flat, spray on and let dry. For more stubbon stains or surface dirt see below on how to spot clean.

1. Do not pour water or solution directly onto your mat. Instead, wet a microfiber towl with warm water and some mild soap such as Dawn. Ring the towel so its not soaked. Gently wipe down your mat. Due to the extra grippiness it may be a little difficult if you use too much pressure so take it easy, less is better. Remove excess water lay flat and let dry.

2. For spot stains, use your finger and a damp towel, dab and twist on the spot until the stain is gone. You can also go back and forth gently. Wipe dry and lay flat until completely dry.

3. Do not use sharp/jagged/rough materials or objects to clean your mat. This means no brillo pad, scrub daddy, wire brush, nylon brush, kitchen sponge (rough side). Only use a microfiber towl, soft sponge, towel or other soft cloth material.

4. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals.

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